David does not believe in method coaching. He will analyse your game using Trackman and video technology. This analysis will be discussed fully with you and an improvement plan tailored to your needs set out. 


David says:

"I have been long enough at this game to see what a player is capable of and that's where I start. I look at each student as an individual and my priority with all levels of golfer is to make the most destructive shots less damaging and then improve the quality of the good shots.


My success over the years has been as a result of breaking down the mechanics of a swing into smaller pieces of information, that all players will understand, to enable them to reach their potential to play their best golf.


Experience has taught me that instead of having a solid foundation on which to build, players have developed bad habits in their swings and spend most of their time trying to shore up the cracks.  Although there may be some merit in each short- term cure, long-term improvement is forsaken in favour of 'quick fix' solutions which are rarely effective for more than a few rounds."